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Free Simple Online Stopwatch

A free and simple online stopwatch for all to use!

A free, online stopwatch!

This free, online stopwatch timer can help you with all your stop watch needs! It’s easy to use and so useful for so many different applications.

This stopwatch timer allows you to count up the time, starting at zero. This stopwatch also allows you to record lap times too! It’s a simple, easy to use tool that can be useful in your daily life. Digital stopwatches are much more accurate than their mechanical counterparts, so rest assured that this stop watch can meet all your timing needs.

So many stop watch uses!

The primary use of a stopwatch is to time how long something tasks. This happens most often in sports matches when a race or meet needs to be timed. Often, this stopwatches are very large and graphic so the audience can view them and they are called stopclocks.

If you volunteer at a swim meet or track meet, this stop watch could be invaluable for you to use. It will help you stay on top of the game, by listing lap times, and counting seconds for you.

Other ideas for this timer

But stopwatches don't just have to be for sports games. They can be used in all facets of life, including meetings, classrooms, conferences, school, home, or anywhere you can think of! You can time meetings to see how long your employees are spending on the collaborative process. If you're working and want to know how you're spending your day, a stopwatch can be a great tool to know where all that time is going. Schools can use it to run math drills or to let teachers know how long they're spending on a subject. When you get creative, the uses of this free, online stopwatch timer is endless! Freelancers can use a stopwatch to track how much time they're spending on a task.

How to use this stopwatch

To begin the stopwatch counting seconds, simply click "Start."

If you would like to pause the stopwatch you will notice that the "Start" button has turned into a "Pause" button. Click it.

If you would like to record a lap time, click "Split." This will bring up the time below the stopwatch in a list form while the stopwatch continues to count.

If you would like to start over, simply click "Reset" and the stopwatch will reset itself to zero and you can click "Start" again at any time to begin counting again.